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Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

You may think of auto insurance as being for your benefit, but it's for the benefit of every driver on the road. Not only can it save you money and hassle if you get in an accident, but you're also required to carry it in almost every state. Here's what you need to know before purchasing an auto insurance policy from Morgan & Associates Insurance Group.

What does auto insurance cover?

The extent of what your insurance policy covers depends on a couple of different things. In Georgia, you have to carry property damage insurance for the other party. If you have full coverage, your insurance provider will cover damages to both your car and the other person's vehicle. Liability insurance, on the other hand, will only cover damages to the other person's vehicle.

You are only required to have liability insurance unless you're still making payments on your vehicle in which case your lender will most likely require you to have full coverage.

In addition to property damage insurance, your policy must also cover bodily injury. Georgia requires you to carry bodily injury insurance in addition to property damage insurance.

Luckily, getting the proper coverage in the Peach State is a breeze. All Morgan & Associates Insurance Group policies comply with state laws.

Other types of policies

If you have a particularly expensive or precious vehicle, or if you've had problems with theft or vandalism, you may want to consider purchasing comprehensive insurance. Auto insurance policies won't cover you if your car is stolen or vandalized, but a comprehensive insurance policy may. For more details on what a specific policy covers, ask about a specific policy.

Your next step

Getting your vehicle insured is easy once you understand the process. If you're ready to purchase coverage for your vehicle, visit our website to try our online rating tool or call us at (770) 917-8477 to get a quote.

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