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When conducting business, it is vital to have an insurance coverage to protect you against unexpected risk. If you require an investor to invest in your company financially, it is professional to reassure them that their investments are safe and that at the end of the investment tenure, they will get their funds back.

One way to reassure them of your company’s solid foundation is to take up bond insurance. Bond insurance is a policy that protects you if your company is unable to meet your end of the deal, for one reason or another, the investors will get their investment plus the anticipated interest.

We, at Morgan & Associates Insurance Group in Georgia, understand the importance of such coverage, especially to attract potential investors. Most investors will insist on bond insurance before investing in you or your company.

Some of the bonds policies that we offer include:

  • Permit and license – It is required by the state, this will reassure the state that you will comply with the rules of that particular jurisdiction
  • Dishonesty and fidelity – This is coverage for your employees that will ensure that should you suffer any losses due to their dishonesty, you will be reimbursed
  • Probate bond – This is in regards to wills; it is taken by a will executor to reassure that should a client die, the wishes of the deceased will be carried out honestly and ethically
  • Public official – This is usually taken by public officials to show that they are trustworthy in their services, especially in regards to money and sensitive information
  • Credit enhancement – This increases your company’s credit rating by covering the risk of your business defaulting on loans.

At Morgan & Associates Insurance Group in Georgia, we understand that business can be risky, that is why our agents are available to walk you through bonds insurance. Reach out to our offices to have your questions answered and speak with an agent to learn how to get started.

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