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Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Everyone knows how vital auto insurance, homeowners insurance, and health insurance are, but what about other types of insurance? When you own a business, you need insurance that protects your business and its assets too. It's called commercial insurance, and Morgan & Associates Insurance Group offers it.

What is commercial insurance?

Commercial insurance can cover a variety of potential business and commercial expenses. One form of commercial insurance is property insurance for business property, which may include machinery, broken glass, debris removal, crime insurance, and more. While your regular property damage insurance may cover damage to your property, it won't cover other expenses associated with property damage, and it won't specifically protect business property.

Liability insurance is another part of business insurance. It's designed to cover you if you're found responsible for something because it happened on your property. For example, somebody may slip and fall in your grocery store and attempt to sue you for their medical expenses. With liability insurance, you won't be left paying out of pocket. Liability insurance for Georgia businesses can come in many different forms, including malpractice insurance and errors and omissions insurance.

Workers' compensation insurance is the other crucial part of commercial insurance policies. While liability insurance is designed to protect against lawsuits from third parties, such as customers, workers' compensation insurance is designed specifically to keep your employees from suing you. Workers' compensation insurance is required by state law in Georgia. It covers you if an employee is injured on the job and prevents employees from suing you for negligence when they get injured at work.

Your next move

Now that you know all about commercial insurance and why you need it, it's time to take the next step—getting covered. To learn more about commercial insurance or get a quote, visit our office or call Morgan & Associates Insurance Group at (770) 917-8477.

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